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4 Ways to Style a Hair Scarf

For those that need to cover hair on some occasions, or simply want to add flare to everyday looks with an additional accessory, this video is for you. I’m showing you 4 ways that I’ve learned how to style a hair scarf to cover or accessorize the hair. No products needed!

Hair Scarf in Front Knot

4 ways to style a hair scarf

The easiest way to start this look is to begin in the same fashion that you turban-wrap your hair in a towel after the shower: flip head upside down, then collect hair in towel and twist. When you come back up, twirl the hair wrapped in the scarf around into a twisted bun & secure with a knot or a hair elastic.

Hair Scarf in Low Bun

4 ways to style a hair scarf

Take the first tutorial, and do the same thing backwards. With hair down and tucked behind ears, Take the hair scarf and completely cover the hair, twirling the hair into the scarf at the nape of your neck. Twirl into a bun and secure with a knot or a hair elastic.

Braided Ponytail with Hair Scarf at end

4 ways to style a hair scarf

Collect hair at your neck and divide into 3 sections. Braid traditionally as far down as you can and secure with an elastic. Tie the scarf around the elastic

Hair Scarf as Head Band

4 Ways to style a hair scarf

Section out your front bangs and hair in front of your ears. Pull the rest back into a scrunchi or clip. With hair divided, fold scarf into hairband and approaching from underneath, tie the scarf on top of your head. Unsecure he hair in the back and you’re ready to go!

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