A Beauty Lesson from 2020

As we’ve finally said goodbye to a year full of mixed emotions, I’d like to take one thing with us into 2021.

It stood out to me that many us chose to use our extra “free time” time this year for beautification. While this is something I’m passionate about always, it was an eye opener to see just how many things I can accomplish with extra time. Whiten my teeth, take more oil baths, paint my toe nails, deep condition my hair, use that face mask, etc.

I even chose to dip into some saved money and do a few things I’ve had on my list for a while: microblade my eyebrows and get a tattoo laser removed.

I challenge myself, and you, to make more of that time in our everyday lives as we break back into regimens in 2021. Make the extra time before bed for a cup of tea and a face mask. Do that teeth whitening you keep saying you’ll do. Make that little time a priority for you, because we may not have the opportunity again of the world going on pause for us to do it.

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