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Bailey’s Bath Routine – Doggy Beauty Edition

Our Doggies need to be beautified too! Here’s my little sesh with my baby.

Bailey, my 3 year old cavachon, does not love baths. Or anything beautifying for that matter. I frequently use deodorizing dog cleaning wipes to wipe down her paws, snout, and booty. However, about once every 2-3 weeks, it’s time for her full bath.

In this video today, you’ll follow us along in our intimate bath time experience. Bailey has learned to be a very good girl during her baths and is always rewarded with her favorite treat at the end. It took some time, but eventually we developed a routine that isn’t so bad for her to handle. The blow drying could still use some work, but I give her credit for how far I get. It’s also much easier when she’s still freshly groomed like she is here. Mid-grooms, she gets really long and unruly, and everything takes twice as long.

I plan to write a few more detailed posts about pet care for both out dog and cat, so stick around for that soon.

Here’s Bailey’s Bath Time.

Music Credits- Intro: You & Me by @iksonmusic; Video: Lazer Eyes by Silicone Estate

First, I wet her down and clean the buildup from her eyes. Then I start with her dog wash (baby powdered scent is my favorite, she smells like a baby), I found mine on a sale rack at Marshals, but I’ve linked a similar one below. I start with he face and snout, and quickly rinse, avoiding getting any soap in her eyes. I find that a clean wash cloth works well to clean her tears around her eyes and remove soap. I finish by washing the rest of her body, paying extra attention to her paws and privates.

After our bath, and I’ve rinsed all the remaining soap from her coat, I towel her off well. This helps cut down the drying time later, which she hates. Once we’re out of the bath, she needs a few minutes to burn some energy. She decides she wants to be crazy when she’s wet. In this video, she behaved, but usually she tears through my bed sheets, rubbing her body on every surface to dry off.

I take her to my studio to dry off. It’s easier for me to prop her up on the high surface so she can’t try to run away (lol). I occasionally use a metal grooming comb and dog brush to remove tangles in her coat as I’m drying. She doesn’t let me brush her regularly so this is my chance.

Once she’s all dry, I replace her collar, put on her favorite sweater in the winter time, and reward her with a dental treat for fresh breath. (links to all below!)

Thanks for watching! Leave and questions you have in the comments. Is this similar or different to how you bath your dogs?

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