Brief YouTube Hiatus

Hey all! I’m here today with good and semi-not good news. Hairfluenced will undergo a brief hiatus from May 11, 2021 until approximately mid-July (est. July 13). I weighed this decision heavily as I truthfully just did not have time to prerecord new content for or in that time frame. However, my reasoning for being so busy is a good one…

As you know from early February, Omar and I got engaged. I shared the full story in detail with you, linked here. We will now be traveling for the second half of May to Egypt where his family resides, to visit, celebrate our love, and tie the knot! We’re so excited to be surrounded by our loved ones abroad, and for me… we’ll I’m excited to see a pyramid or two, can’t lie. The best part to me is our location. While most people think of Cairo when the think of Egypt, our family resides in Alexandria, a beautiful city on the northern coast. Many many pics to follow upon my return.

My hiatus had to extend even later, out to July, because once we return from Egypt in June, our big events are not finished. The first half of June, we are moving. We’re taking our boring suburban life and taking it to the heart of Philadelphia. So as much as I’d love to still find time to shoot videos then, my studio equipment is out of commission.

Lastly, the second half of June is the season finally of my hiatus as we’ll be uniting in marriage formally one June 30th in a very small, family only ceremony in center city Philadelphia. We’d like to take the rest of that time to straighten our arrangements and focus on family and eachother.

I’m so excited to return and share all of this with you, as well as some more hair content! Follow me on Instagram to stay posted on little updates and fun photos.


Kayla, soon-to-be Mrs.