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Cozy Hairstyles for the Winter

Winter’s attire consists of many sweaters, sweatshirts and scarves, a lot of which can be bulky around the neck and shoulders. When it comes to coordination, it’s usualy best to have the hair either off the shoulders or out of the face (or both). These tutorials today are showing you a few thrown together hair looks that a perfect for those turtlenecks and scarves.

Look 1.

This look is a double french braid. I pulled the bangs out of the front to keep it looking mature and trendy. Split the hair down the middle from the front forehead to the nape of the neck. Begin french braiding from right behind the bang, down to the neck on both sides. Secure with elastics and stretch the braids a little to make it look fluffier.

Look 2.

This is a simple top knot, where again I kept the front bang out. I chose to do this with my hair because it’s shorter and my bun is so little. I didn’t want to make it look too sumo-wrestler, so the bangs keep it feminine. Again, with my hair being short, I tend to lose some pieced from being, so I like to secure it with either invisible blending bobby pins or a fashionable clip. Here I used a pearl clip, that you also saw in my previous video on hair styles with barettes.

Look 3.

My best attemps at a french twist. I honestly find these really cute, even when theyre not perfect. It’s a little hard to see without double mirroring it when placing your bobby pins but I just feel it out as best I can.

Start by combing hair on one side behind the ear and around the head to the middle of the back. Secure it there with a line of bobby pins. Collect the hair from the other side and twirl back over your created line of pins. Secure to the other side. Try your best to make the twisl look twisted for a craftly look.

Look 4.

This is just a simple sleek low bun. I must confess, this looked way better on me before my haircut. However, to start, smooth hair down with a center part and tuck behind ears. Twirl behind head and wrap around using an elastic. It’s the same bun I created in this video (when my hair was long still)! I had to secure my bangs down behind my ears with bobby pins, but I used black ones so it was inconspicuous. I also adorned this bun with some cute decorative hair pin accessories to jazz it up.

Look 5.

This would be what you call a “sock bun.” I have a brown bun insert to create a bigger bun, and the illusion of more hair. I start by making a ponytail and placing the bun insert around it (I like to pull out my bangs and pinch + pull at my crown to create some volume). Then, spread the hair over the insert to cover it completely, and place another hair tie around it to hold it there. tuck the flyaway and lose strands down with bobby pins for a neater look.

Look 6.

This is also an easy look to create and the only look that’s not completely “up.” I start by grabbing the hair at the top of my head, from temples to apex, and tease from underneath. Make a little poof or bump with the hair and secure down with a bobby pin. Place a decorative clip over it like I did with my pearl barrette.

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