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CURLSMITH Hair Makeup Review

I was super excited to try this product ever since it launched. CURLSMITH is line of products designed for curly hair, and their Hair Makeup is a line of colored styling gels. In my Ulta Haul, I finally went ahead and purchased the Hair Makeup in Rose Gold to give it a try.

What is hair makeup?

What I liked about the idea of hair makeup, is that it would show up on any hair color, including black hair like mine. However, the lighter the hair, the more vibrant it will be for sure. Hair makeup is NOT hair color, or anything like it. It is the product itself that contains the color and simply washes out with one shampoo.

My Thoughts

While Curlsmith’s products are designed for wavy to curlier hair textures, I took a chance on trying it out on my very minimally wavy hair. I was happy with the messy, beachy look this created on me with the iridescent pink glow.

Some negatives to the product were that it is very messy to apply and it subtly transferred onto my clothes and hands throughout wearing. Although, this was my first time using, and I did not diffuse my hair 100% dry right away. The hair makeup was still very easy to clean off my hands and satin top (in video) and came off any surface with water.


Overall I loved this product. It’s a super fun way to get a vibrant flare to darker hair colors, or to change up your look for a day. The hold of the gel itself is also very nice and doesn’t leave too much of a crunch.

To Use

To apply this product, begin with clean, damp, detangled hair. In this video, I washed with OUAI shampoo and conditioner and detangled with a wide tooth comb in the shower.

Section hair into 3-4 sections, working from the bottom upward. Take the product onto your hands and using the “praying hands” method and raking with fingers to distribute through your hair. Once distributed, scrunch to activate curl.

When your hair makeup is fully applied, you can air dry, or diffuse. My hair will not be be anything wavy at all if I do not use a diffuser so you will see me do that in the video. Finish by scrunching the dried product to break the stiff cast.

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CURLSMITH Hair Makeup also comes in Ruby, Gold, Copper, and Turquoise.

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