Detoxing Face After Long Hours of Wearing A Mask

If you’re like me, you’re wearing a mask more than hour hours some days. If you haven’t seen already, I’ve already touched on the “maskne” issue and some tips to help keep it at bay. However, today I am going over my nightly routine after wearing my mask all day.

When I get home from work after long shifts, my face feels gross. Breathing hot breath onto your face all day, lips start peeling and your pores clog. So I developed a detoxing routine that leaves your lips and face feeling clean after all that.


Start by using a purifying cleanser to remove makeup, dirt, and residue.

Follow with a face scrub, concentrating on areas where the mask sat (ie. cheeks, jawline, chin, upper lip, and nose). This will remove any buildup of dead skin or oils and unclog pores.

Pat dry face well. Layer on a peeling solution or AHA mask. This will exfoliate on a deeper level to turnover any congested skin and clear up or prevent breakouts. You may have remembered the product I’m using here from my “maskne” post. (Links to products, including mask I’m using in the “shop this video” subsection below!) Allow mask to sit for no more than 10 minutes and remove with a warm damp cloth. NOTE: only use this product 1-2 times per week! Too often could cause over exfoliations and major irritation!

After drying, pat an anti-aging eye cream (without retinol!) under eyes to prevent wrinkle from pulling and tugging at cheeks from the mask before layering on a soothing/calming serum to calm the skin after the long wear and heavy exfoliation. Follow with a heavy, hydrating moisturizer. The one I’m using, Beekman 1802, is made with goat’s milk, which is the same pH as human skin, therefore balances and penetrates the best, leaving skin soft and refreshed.

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