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Easy Hairstyles for Spring 2021

It’s finally warming up and the days are a little bit longer. So on Hairfluenced we have some super simple and easy hairstyles for the spring. In this video, I’ve demonstrated three different hairstyles for spring that take just a few minutes to create and build off of one another so either be simple, elevated, or unique.

Spring Hairstyle 1

For the first easy spring hairstyle, I’m using a 1 inch Babyliss curling iron to take large sections and curl them away from my face. This creates a soft wave that emphasizes dimension. Making sure that the hair goes in front of the iron, as demonstrated, and spiraled backward from the face, open up the face for a more romantic look. Keep the curls tighter in the front and looser in the back of the head.

Easy Hairstyles for Spring 2021

Spring Hairstyle 2

Working off our wave from spring hairstyle 1, and pulling out natural bang or short hairs around the face (if possible, if not, this style still works!) take triangle sections in the temples of the head and brad them. Stretch the braids to appear thicker and more plump and bobby pin behind the ear towards the back of the head. This gives the look of a half-up hairstyle or a braided crown.

Easy Hairstyles for Spring 2021

Spring Hairstyle 3

Using spring hairstyle 2, add accessories to one side of the look (or both if it suites your style, I like assymetry). In this demo, I’m using the moon + star set listed below. Aside from that, I’ve found a few other fun spring hair accessories that would work great with this look or any variation!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and your thoughts! More detailed styles to come soon, but you know I like to keep things easy! Happy Spring πŸ™‚

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