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Ergo Styling Tools Brushes Review

Ergo Styling Tools are more efficient and ergonomically friendly than regular styling tools. They specialize in developing these tools to help professionals achieve beautiful results with more comfort and ease. They’ve kindly sent me two brushes that I’d love to share with you!

Er43 Ionic Ceramic Round Hair Brush

Firstly, I have the Er43 Ionic Ceramic Professional Round Brush which measures 2.25in or 43mm. Upon first look, this brush is extra long which allows for the brush to hold more hair while blow drying. In fact, the Er43 is 20% longer than standard ceramic round brushes which is super helpful to me as I’m a sucker for time-saving. With both myself and my clients in salon, I find this very efficient. Secondly, the texture of the silicone grip handle gives for easy maneuvering, especially when your hands are wet and layered with product, which again, is usually the case for me. Being able to grip and wield the also lightweight brush helps to keep things moving and turn the brush as needed for styling. Lastly, the nylon bristles are infused with tourmaline which helps to polish and add shine to the finished blowout while helping resist humidity afterward.

As you can on me today, I’ve just blowdried my hair with the Er43 and I’m super happy with the results and how clean and shiny my hair looks and feels. I haven’t used a drier + brush combo on myself in a while due to timing, but this helped me get things finished fairly quickly, almost as fast as my Revlon Blowdry Brush.

Erg750 Super Gentle Paddle Brush

The second brush I’d love to share with you today is the Erg750 Volumizing Ionic Paddle Brush. My first favorite feature about this brush upon unboxing it was the realization that it’s perfect for hair extensions, which you all know I love wearing. The flexible nylon bristles gently detangle hair very similarly to a wet-brush and is ideal for all hair types, regardless of how unruly. It’s also gentle on the scalp as well. This brush can be used to blow dry with heat with a horizontal position for tension and can handle temperatures up to 450 degrees F. When used vertically, it makes for better detangling power.

I’ve been loving using this brush directly out of the shower, while I’m combing through with my Olaplex products that I’ve recently reviewed. It’s very soft and light and slightly bevels concave inward for head contouring when brushing.

In conclusion

I’d love to try some more of Ergo’s tools. They have all different kinds of styling brushes, accessories, hot tools, and irons. Their brand has been featured in some big name hair blogs: Modern Salon, American Salon, Beauty Launchpad, and Behind the Chair. Meanwhile their tools have been featured in some behind the scenes styling on major TV programs like American Horror Story (a personal favorite), NCIS LA, and Westworld.

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Ergo Styling Tools ER43 Ceramic Round Brush
Ergo Styling Tools ER750 Paddle Brush

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