Hair Goals – Products That Support Your Hair Growth

Products That Support Your Hair Growth

New year, new hair. Setting your resolutions for the new year shouldn’t exclude your beauty routines. I know if you’re like me, you’re thinking how to grow your hair faster, especially when you just cut it all off. But that’s what I’m writing today for.

Here I’m sharing with you my favorite products that help and support hair faster, longer, and healthier hair growth. Make sure to comment on this post if you’re trying some of these!

I’d like to firstly point out that you must be taking care of your hair: heat protectant, gentle detangling, soft hair elastics, etc. No product is a magic wand to fix your bad habits, so be mindful.

Redken’s Extreme Lengths Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave-in


This system was formulated with biotin, specifically for hair growth. It softens and fortifies hair at the scalp for optimal growth, and the leave-in treatment reduced breakage by 81%!

Kreyol Essence Pure Haitian Castor Oil

Forever, we’ve known that castor oil helps in hair growth. It softens hair at the source for optimal growth. I’ve used castor oil on my eyebrows and baby hairline hairs in the past, and it worked well. Massage into thinning areas or all over scalp. Massaging the scalp will aid in circulation as well which is best for hair growth.

DpHue ACV Scalp Scrub

The ACV (apply cider vinegar) properties of this scrub are amazing in leveling the hair’s pH for proper hair strand health. Meanwhile the scrub itself relieves buildup on the scalp and increases circulation to hair follicles for optimum growth

The Mane Choice Hair Masks

I have not tried these personally, they’re very knew to the market. But this line was formulated for hair retention, restoration, and growth. The Peach Black Tea and Vitamin Fusion is meant for hair that’s prone to excessive shedding and adds to hair’s volume (left). The Ancient Egyptian is repairing and anti-breakage with is best for hair retention as well (right).

My favorite mask by The Mane Choice is this one, however it must be newer than I thought since Amazon doesn’t have it for me to link yet. I’ve linked it at ULTA for you πŸ™‚

For more hair mask recommendations, click here.

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