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Hairitage Product Review

I found this product line at Walmart after hearing about it on the internet and connecting with the founder, Mindy. Hairitage products are vegan, cruelty free, and designed for all hair types. Even though I am usually reluctant when mixing up with brands that aren’t salon-professional quality, I will bend a little for brand that fall more natural in their ingredient selection.

Hairitage carries an array of products that cater to dry hair, sensitive skin, and all different hair types. A conclusion that I’ve drawn is that this product line does provide lots of moisture. However a setback for me with some products was that they were a little too heavy for my hair and the fragrance in some of the products was not my favorite. All in all, it was not a bad product line.

Hairtage by Mindy Mcknight product reviewa

The products I’ve tried from Mindy’s Hairitage line are Outta My Hair Shampoo, Held High Volume Conditioner, and Magic Spell Texturizing Spray. I tried to only stick to products that make sense for my hair to give an honest review. Any other products in this line, I have not yet tried.

Hairitage Shampoo

The Outta My Hair Shampoo is formulated to be non-stripping and formulated with some natural ingredients for added benefits. This shampoo uses jojoba oil to strengthern, B5 to restore damage, and Aloe to moisturize and soothe the scalp.

Overall I did not mind the shampoo and felt it was fairly decent and non-stripping for a lower priced, non-salon quality item. I would chose Hairitage over other drug store brands like Pantene, no doubt. My only negative comment on the shampoo is the fragrance, I did not enjoy the way it smelled.

Hairitage Conditioner

The Held High Volume Conditioner is formulated with safflower oil for deeper penetrating moisture and coconut oil for shine and softness. I felt this conditioner was very conditioning indeed. However I did not feel it was very volumizing. It is possible this would have worked better on a more coarse hair type, but my normal/medium hair found it a bit heavy, and non-volumizing.

Hairitage Texture Spray

The Magic Spell Texturizing Spray is formulated with rice protein to increase moisture retention, sunflower seed oil to provide vitamin E for the scalp and volcanic ash to unclog pores. I used this product after styling my hair to provide separation and hold. My conclusion, although the fragrance was delightful, was that it did not do much at all. I am used to very texturizing texture products and this Hairitage product was very limp and did not provide hold.

Final Review

Although I was not blown away by this product line, I have to give it props as a drug-store brand. For something of such a low price point, it is not very abrasive and is made with quality ingredients.

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