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Four Easy Hairstyles Dressed Up with Barrettes – Perfect for Holiday!

Easy Hairstyles with barrettes

Exactly what is says, four easy-to-create hairstyles that can be snazzed up with fun barrettes, clips, pins, and accessories. These looks are perfect for holiday parties or events and go perfectly with a bold lip. It really puts me in the holiday spirit to get Christmas looks together (and decorate). I wore a vibrant red in this one for extra red flare.

Style one

is a low-half-up style with a center part. I secure this with an elastic, leaving the bangs out for flare. Once secured, part the tied section and flip hair inside to create a twisted look, as shown. I secured a large peal-adorned bobby pin over the elastic. You can wear this look straight or curl hair prior to styling for different looks.

Style two

is a low pony secured at the nape. I kept a centered part hear and made sure hair was tucked neatly behind the ears on both sides. Using two or more snazzy bobby pins or barrettes, stack above the ear on one, or both sides for decoration.

Style three

is a high-half up style. Divide out bang in front and section from the ears to the crown of the head. Secure this into an elastic and place a snap barrette in front of the elastic on top of your head.

Style four

is an asymmetrical look. To begin, move hair part to one side, so the majority of your hair sits on the opposite side. On the parted side, with lesser hair, place two or more barrettes on top of one another to stack for an edgy + elegant look.

Music Credits: Intro- You & Me by @iksonmusic; Video- Chill by LiQWYD

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Which one of these were your favorite? Did you try any?

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