Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Ah, the holidays. Gifting is the best part, but can be the hardest or most expensive. I go through this brainstorm every year of what to get whom. So this year I’m sharing with you my best gifts for him & her.

Note that my gifts will tend to sway toward beauty since that’s my genre. I think it’s funny how my family and friend’s expect it each year. You know Kayla’s coming through with the good hair products or good lipsticks. Anyway, here’s my suggestions by price category for both men and women in your life.

$25 & Under

My sister in law got me one of those Wine Cork Holders last Christmas and even though I don’t drink much wine anymore I love it! It looks so cute and I still fill it up with other wine-drinker’s corks.

$50 & Under

$100 & Under

White Elephants

I found an amazing link on Amazon full of great gift ideas for White Elephants this holiday, all at low price points & for everyone. Check it out here!