How Heat Protectants Work and Which to Use for Your Hair

how heat protectants work and which are best for your hair

Heat styling evaporates water molecules from our hair and leave it feeling extra dry. Because of this, with repeated exposure, hair is left susceptible to breakage and feeling brittle overtime.

A heat protectant is a hair product applied to your hair before heat styling to minimize damage.

Heat protectants contain ingredients, mostly silicones that coat your hair before heat styling. This means that your hairs moisture is protected and not boiled out when the heat is applied. But keep in mind, most heat protectants can only protect your hair up to 450 degrees and you should NOT be using your iron on a temperature setting higher than that. Most heat protection comes in the form of either a spritz, aerosol, or cream. Cream based protection will be worked through damp hair before blow drying to protect from the heat of the dryer. Spritz and aerosol are applied to dry hair on individual sections before taking to the iron.

Watch my video on How to Use A Heat Protectant

Which do I use?


Fine Hair or Normal Hair


Damaged Hair


Coarse Hair or Textured


Leave some comments if you need more suggestions, I have tons. Every major hair product line most likely carries a thermal protectant, so if you have a favorite brand, you could check there first. Need an opinion? Ask me. But usually, as long as you’re using something, you’re doing your hair a favor.

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2 thoughts on “How Heat Protectants Work and Which to Use for Your Hair

  1. HI,Iam a 65+australian lady Have fine frizzy thinning dyed red hair and I am desperate to find low ph products to use on my hair would love to hear your suggestions.

    1. Of course, I’d love to share some suggestions. For your case, I would recommend either Redken’s Acidic Bonding System, or Olaplex products. I hope that helps!

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