How I Do My Own Polygel Nails

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I love having my nails done. However, amidst the pandemic, I stuck with my favorite nail strengthener since I couldn’t get my usual nail appointment (at the time I was using dip nails). SO I just let them go, with an occasional pain job.

Until one of my girlfriends/fellow hairstylists (@everythingbeautybytaryn) introduced me to polygels. She had bought this kit from Modelones, watched some videos, and made her nails look pretty awesome. When I saw them, I immediately bought the same tools and gave it a stab.

We had both found that using this drill made the process much easier than manual filing. You just have to have a steady hand and know what you’re doing. So fortunately if you’ve every watch your nail tech drill your acrylics, you’re off to a good start.

My first round (not shown)

My first round turned out awesome. This kit that I purchased (different from Taryn’s because of the color selection), did not come with dual forms, slip solution, or a molding brush. I did some quick research and made-do with a clean cheap concealer brush I had, 70% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), and my artistic talent (lol). It was a bit more difficult. I had to mold the polygel onto my nails by hand, and I cured in between to add more for length. I didn’t make this application as long as my second because of the challenge.

My second round (shown)

After two weeks (which is impressive), I had only broken two nails, both of which were my fault. I sat down and recorded this video of my second application. To remove my first application, I used my drill to drill down the first set of polygels until they were off completely. Then I smoothed my nails with a buff, washed my hands, cleaned up my space, and moisturized my very angry cuticles.

*Note. the kits come with a really nice cuticle oil pen!

According to Taryn, there are videos out there showing you how to do a refill-type application with these to cut down on maintenance time but I haven’t tried that yet. Maybe you’ll get a video when I do πŸ™‚

Here’s some links to the tools I added to my kit:

Kit Varieties

This video is my second application and I LOVE how they turned out. I’m clickity typing on my keyboard with them as I write this πŸ™‚ I’ve mentioned above, the kit that I used for my application and the items I included linked above.

This kit was $51.99 from Amazon. I chose this because I loved the colors included but did not realize it was missing slip solution (which I replaced with rubbing alcohol), a molding brush (which I replaced with a rounded concealer brush, and nail forms (which I purchased separately). I love that I now have all the tools I need, total costing me about $70.00. I can re-so my nails many times with this. In the future if I need more colors, I could purchase them from Modelone’s individually and the directions stay the same.

This is the kit that Taryn had bought ($51.99). Her kit came with the dual forms, slip solution, and molding brush that mine did not. However, this one does not include nail clippers, nail separators, nail brush, nail cleaner, nail removal, or a kabuki brush. I ended up using the cleaner, remover and kabuki in my kit so I liked that it included those, but the clippers, seperators and brush weren’t as important. I didn’t need these tools, and if I did, I had some at home.

This third kit is anther variety I found for $58.99. It includes everything as above and has some extra fun colors. It also contains the cleaner and remover which I liked.

I hope this was helpful!

Let me know if you give this a shot, or if you have in the past! What were/are your discoveries? What tools did you use? How did they turn out? Include pics, Let’s chat about this. Good luck if you’re going for it!

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