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How I Style My Short Hair

Right before holiday season I made a big change. Hair that hit my waist, I cut to my shoulders. Some would say that’s crazy, but honestly it was a fresh makeover I needed. I LOVED my long hair, but I couldn’t resist putting it back in buns all the time and being lazy about washing and styling it.

Believe it or not, my new hair is so much easier for me. It takes a quarter of the time to dry, and less than 10 minutes to quickly style. I made this video for you to show you the two ways I’ve been wearing it since the cut.

Intro Music: You & Me by @iksonmusic | Video Music: Another Time by LiQWYD

In the first clip, I start with my hair freshly washed. I usually like to blow dry it because I find it helps me go longer between washes, which is easier on my time schedule. I add some volumizer and shine mousse to detail how I like my blow dry. I use a boar bristle brush for a full and shiny appearance to my hair.

On days 2 or 3, when my roots have collected some natural oils, I prefer a messier style. I start with dry shampoo at the roots and prep with heat protectant before waving with my beveled flat iron. I finish with texture spray and hairspray and dishevel the hair to give it messy volume.

Make sure to read my article on heat protectants and find which one is best for you! See here for how to use.

How do you feel about this new look? Inspiring anyone for a change? Leave some comments below & shop this video!

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