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How to Apply a Hair Mask

Hair masks, like my favorites for dry hair that I shared this winter, are amazing treatments for hydration, strength, repairing, shine, and protection. Today I’m demonstrating how to apply one. While each individual masks has it’s own instructions, it should be followed as listed on the packaging for application step, surface, and processing time. The mask I’m using here is Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strength & Restore Treatment Mask. My masks instructs to be applied to wet hair after shampoo and left for 30 minutes. In my demo, I am applying it to dry hair before shampooing to give full demonstration (otherwise I would have done this in it’s proper order in my shower… but that would be awkward to film, lol).

A brief summary of my mask: I’m using this castor oil and ACV based mask for strength and shine, and to promote hair growth. As I described in my blog post on products to support hair growth, castor oil is a big warrior on that battlefield. Read up on other mask favorites here.

How to apply

Begin working in sections, starting at the bottom. Make your way to the top, massaging and combing mask into hair with a wide tooth comb. Be sure to saturate from roots to ends.

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