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How to Apply Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in extensions is a commitment free way to add length or volume to your hair. In this post, I will be explaining clip-in extensions, where to purchase them, and how to apply. These are great for someone like me who recently cut their hair short, cut un-wanted bangs, and are trying to grow hair long!

What are clip-in extensions

Clip in extensions are a temporary way to add length or volume to your hair. Extensions come in both synthetic and natural-human hair, sewn to clips for adhering to your hair.

What clip-ins do I purchase?

When purchasing your clip-ins, its important to acknowledge the quality, weight, length, and color of the extensions. I recommend buying clip-in extensions with at least 100g of hair on the clips and natural human/Remy hair rather than synthetic. Synthetic hair can not be styled as easily and safely with hot tools. Length and color are unique to your preference. Below I’ve included a photo that shows the different lengths on me. When it comes to color, its just a comparison of the eye. I purchase all of my extensions in black, because my hair is very dark, however the more lightness and dimension you have, the more specific you need to be.

Where do I purchase clip-in extensions?

I highly recommend extensions purchased through Donna Bella. I have used many of their hair and tools for personal and professional reasons and their hair is of the best quality. They also have many resources on their website.

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How to apply clip-in extensions

Clip-in extensions typically come with 7 pieces: 1x 4 clip section, 2x 3 clip sections, 2x 2 clip sections, 2x 1 clip sections. To apply, take the mid section of your head from ear to ear across the back and divide the hair up. tease the hair at the sectioning line just a little at the roots. Clip your 4-clip extension hear across your head and adhere into the teased-hair.

Following the largest section, divide again undearneath by 1.5 to 2 inches and do the same application for one of your 3-clip sections. Follow the same steps for 1.5-2 inches above your first applied clip as well.

You are now left with 4 clips: 2x 2-clips and 2x 1 clips. Above your last 3-clip at the top, create a section 1.5 inches above. Apply your 2x 2-clips on the back corners of your head, almost next to each other but staggered to lay somewhat on the sides of your head.

Lastly, apply your two single clips in the front temple areas of your head. Make sure to apply all clips into a mild tease at the scalp for maximum hold.

Style as desired; with heat only if using remy hair, as recommended.

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I use Donna Bella Premium Clip-In Straight Color #1 Jet Black in 18″

At this time, clip-in extensions only come in straight texture, but other methods by the company have began to make extensions in wavy and curly textures and I am sure that soon, Donna Bella will have clip ins for these hair textures as well. Other retailers may sell these products but I have not used them or

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