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How To Curl With Flat Iron

Flat Iron Waves Tutorial
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This was a fun tutorial I posted onto TikTok that a fellow user requested, after I created this and this Tiktok using my flat iron method of curling.

I’ve been using flat iron curls a lot with my short hair cut. I made a video here on how I’ve been styling this haircut since I’ve had it. Its been a lot of fun a very versatile compared to my super long hair. Its refreshing and new.

However these waves look good with short and long hairstyles. I find the technique fairly easy after doing it a few times.


I LOVE my #babylisspro iron sor flat iron waves, its so wasy to use! Heres ab easy look I did in minutes 😁 What other videos do you want to see here?

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How to:

  1. Always start with heat protection every time you’re using a hot tool on your hair. I prefer heat protectants that are aerosol, but any kind does the job. Here I am using OUAI.
  2. Section the hair starting at the bottom. Divide them into sub sections to work through the iron. The smaller the subsection, the tighter the curl. I’m using a Babyliss Pro iron here that is my absolute favorite!
  3. Clamp, twirl, drag.
    1. Clamp at the top of the section closest to your head.
    2. Twirl so the hair is fed between the iron plates and around he outside.
    3. Drag downward. This wraps every part of the hair around the iron but helps the ends come out a bit straighter for a beachier look.
  4. Twirl your sections backward and forward for dimension and a natural looking wave.
  5. Work up the head in the same sections and subsections
  6. Curl bang pieces in front AWAY from your face. Toward the face looks awkward.
  7. Finally, spray with texture spray or hairspray (I’m using an Alterna product here) and dishevel with your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

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