How to Do Gel Polish – Tutorial with Modelones

I’m not a person who likes to walk around with my nails un-done. And to be honest, before I got engaged, I was trying to make sure I didn’t skip a beat in my nail care… just in case.

Gel nail polish tutorial

I shared a video on my Polygel tutorial with the Modelones kit I used. I was enjoying wearing polygels for how easy they were to do myself and they still looked amazing. I really enjoy wearing my nails long! It makes me feel more put together and bad a** πŸ™‚ However my last two sets of polygel weren’t doing me well. I’m in the process of evaluating what I’ve done differently that didn’t work and I will keep you posted!

In the wake of losing a few polygels and wanting to give my nails a break from the breakage, I purchase this Modelones gel polish kit, as well as this set of base and top coats. (Note: the base and top coats are the same as in the polygel kit so you DO NOT need to buy a separate one for gel! Mine were running low and my set of new ones included a matte top coat which I wanted to try.)

After retiring the polygel, my nails were weak and brittle with some tears on the surface. I was not the most polite in their removal this time. So I began my manicure by buffing residue off the surface and smoothing tears. Followed by trimming and filing them down. Since my nails were very weak, any excess length wasn’t doing me any favors. After prepping my nails, I began with the gel polish.

Gel Polish Directions

  1. First begin by cleaning the nail with nail polish acetone or alcohol. This will remove any debris from the nail as well as excess oils, so the gel adheres well.
  2. Apply a layer of the base coat and cure for 30 seconds on each hand.
  3. Apply 2 coats of color gel polish to each hand, making sure to cure each coat for 30 seconds in between layers.
  4. Finish with top coat and cure for 60 seconds.
  5. Use alcohol to remove any tackiness on surface. And that’s it!

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