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How to Get More Volume – Hair Volume Hacks

It can be a challenge to get some extra volume into your hair, especially if you’re like me: extra straight and smooth, fine hair. In this video, I’m going over my two fail-proof hacks to get more volume in your hair.

Hair Volume Hack 1: Teasing Brush or Comb

I have a teasing comb that has yet to fail me. However you could achieve this volume hack with a regular comb or skinny brush too. Contouring to my part, I’ll tease the hair from the underneath to give it lift, then smooth down any tangles or flyaways visible from the top. Adding a little hairspray helps hold your volume in place too!

Hair Volume Hack 2: Volume Powder

This powder alone does all the volumizing work you need. Tap some into your root area where you need volume, but be careful to not use too much. A little bit goes a long way. Insert powder and massage or pat it into the hair a little, then fluff up for volume. The powder created a grit into the hair so it doesn’t lay flat together, being limp. Works like a charm.

In this video, I’m using Briogeo (and I have a review of their line coming very soon!), but here are a few of my favorites:

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