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How to Use a Blow Dry Brush – Revlon One Step Tutorial & Review

Blow Dry Brush

I previously recorded this video of how to use the Revlon One Step blow dry brush over a year ago. I wanted to re-film with more in depth instruction and better visual for those who need more insight.

Since my first take of this video, I’ve gotten a severe haircut and have a different method of using this blow dry brush.

Blow Dry Brush

How I use

Before beginning with my blow dry brush, I prepped my hair with Kristin Ess Blow Dry Mist to reduce frizz, protect from heat, and cut down on blow dry time.

I rough dry my hair with my regular hair dryer about 75% of the way dry. This helps me have to do less detailed work with the blow dry brush and gives me more control over the shape and finish of the blow dry.

I begin by sectioning out the lower one third of my hair (about 3-4 inches in width) and use my blow dry brush to comb through the section, coming in from different angles until dry. I finish by brushing underneath to give my hair a rounded shape at the ends.

One I make it to the top of my head, I use the blow dry brush to dry everything backward and create height and volume without having to commit to a specific parting. This technique can be seen on my Instagram and TikTok in the short tutorial clip I made.

Watch the Video

I hope you found this tutorial of how to use a blow dry brush helpful. Please leave any of your questions for me in the comment section below!

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