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How to Use a Clamp Curling Iron – Curling Iron Tutorial

how to use a curling iron with a clamp

For some, a basic curling iron can be a challenge. You watch your hair dresser use it on you with ease, and it looks beautiful, but you have no idea where to start at home. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. In this video, I’m give you an easy step-by-step to using a curling iron with a clamp.

Previously, I’ve shared a video on how to use a wand which some found helpful. Especially since I had very long hair at that time. Since the makeover, I’ve been trying to customize new tutorials that are easier to watch and grasp as I go. I find the curling iron is easier to demonstrate on my shorter hair. However, both wand and curling iron can certainly be used in these same methods, no matter how short or long your hair is.

how to use a curling iron with a clamp

What you’ll need

Items you will need to curl your hair with a curling iron with a clamp are:

  1. heat protectant (see here for how to use)
  2. Sectioning clips
  3. a detangling brush or comb
  4. a curling iron with a clamp (here I am using a 1″ Babyliss iron)

Watch the Tutorial

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