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How to Use a Satin Sleep Scarf to Protect Your Hair While You Sleep – Kitsch Satin Scarf Review

satin sleep scarf

I’ve purchased a satin sleep scarf from Kitsch, which I love. I discovered it while browsing and decided to try since lately I had noticed breakage around my hairline from sleeping roughly on my hair in a bun.

A satin hair scarf can be worn multiple ways for sleeping OR fashion purposes, but I prefer to wear mine turban-style while I sleep, which I have demonstrated in this video. This satin sleep scarf protects dry, styled hair as you sleep from tangling and braking against the friction of pillows. As a result, this satin scarf helps to keep the hair healthier, stronger, and frizz-free.

Satin Sleep Scarf

An alternative to a satin sleep scarf is a satin pillow case which Kitsch also makes. I have tried this also, but in my experience, felt it made the pillow slip around my bed too easily and was fairly annoying. Although, a pro to this over the sleep scarf, is that occasionally if I tie my scarf too tight, it can cause a headache while I sleep. However, this has only happened to me very few times, since now I am mindful of how tight I keep it.

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