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How to Wear Hair Tinsel

As we bask in the Christmas season, I’m always about a sparkling holiday look. Last year I showed you how to spice up your holiday looks with barrettes and some cozy hairstyles for the winter. This year, I’m showing you how to use Hair Tinsel.

Where to find Hair Tinsel

I found my hair tinsel in a pack online for $17.98 with 12 different colors for variety. It shipped to me quickly. However, upon writing this, it has become sold out. I will link comparable packs for you in the “Shop This Post” below!

It is important to use hair tinsel for hair purposes that can be washed and safe to use with heat as to not damage the tinsel or your hair. All my linked options are safe to use.

How to apply Hair Tinsel

There are two methods in which you can apply hair tinsel. Method one, which I personally found difficult, involves tying the hair tinsel to small strands of hair around your partings for visibility. Method two, which I use, involves micro beads. For convenience sake, and for well-holding holiday looks, I will be showing you method two, micro beads.

Hair Tinsel is best placed in very visible areas of the head. Since I wear my hair down with an off-center part, you will see that I apply my tinsel around my part and around my front hairline for maximum visibility.

After application, trim TINSEL ONLY to the length of your hair.

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