About Kayla

Hello, I’m Kayla, a hair professional & beauty advisor born in the PA suburbs Philadelphia… turned city-girl… turned New Jersey housewife. Alongside my everyday life of being a wife and mother, I share my expertise on hair care, easy styles, everyday beauty, and healthy living. That being said, let me share with you my background in beauty, my journey through the industry, and why I consider myself an expert in hair.

I always start off my professional introductions by saying I’m a (now former) Elite Hair Stylist for ULTA Beauty. In my 8 years as a beauty professional, this defined me. My life revolved around my salon career, and love for hair. Hence the term, Hairfluenced. I love creating beautiful looks that you can see in my LookBook, one of which was featured on Hairstyles Today, and I’m very passionate about hair care. I was able to turn that into a very successful full-time hustle that gives me so much value today.

Now, you’re here in my favorite place, my passion project: Hairfluenced – Influencing Haircare, Easy Styles, and Products. Est. 2020.

I began my professional career in 2014 when I enrolled myself into beauty school, which I paid for out of my own pocket. It was always my dream to be a hair stylist and fully submerged in the world of beauty. I had wanted it since I was in grade school when my dad, a carpenter, would do work for a man who owned a high-end salon. He would take me with him on jobs and I would watch the hairdressers hustling and bustling in full glam. I was dying to be one of them, and knew that this was where I saw myself. So when that day finally came to choose between a college degree of my beauty license, my dad was in full support of my decision, knowing the look on my face all those years as I sat with him in that salon. My mom, fully supporting as well, even though I wrecked a few household items with my DIY hair-dying attempts over the years… sorry Mom!

It was a long year of beauty school, waking up early in the morning to attend my program 40 minutes away, until mid-day where I clocked into my job as a receptionist for another boujee private salon. The job paid for my tuition. Everyday, Monday through Saturday, I’d make it home by 9pm and do it all over again the next day. Before I graduated with my PA cosmetology license in 2015, I was hired as an assistant for ULTA Beauty, a company, as it turns out, I would never leave. It gave me a whole new definition of the salon environment and hardly compared to the coldness of a private salon. I wanted community and growth… so bingo.

In 2016, I finally was given the opportunity to start on the floor and begin taking my own clients. It was a slow process, but after hustling through nights and weekends in my early 20s, I built a loyal following of clientele, most of who is still with me today. Since then, I vowed to always keep improving and being the best hair expert I could be. During this time I briefly managed that salon, excelled in customer service, and attended several hands-on classes to perfect my skills and learn more about products and tools.

By 2020, I achieved my highest salon title of Elite Stylist from my client volume, sales production, and educational background. I spent weeks in cities like Chicago, Dallas, and NYC studying with top tier professionals and learning as much as I could about hair and product. Eventually, when I hit my professional ceiling, and I felt like an overflowing book with so much knowledge, I decided to provide even more as a stylist. I created my YouTube channel as a source of tutorials, haircare, and product reviews for my clients to follow at home in between visits.

The pandemic lockdown of 2020 gave me a refreshed opportunity to gear all my focus to my internet voice, since I couldn’t provide any salon services at that time. I genuinely missed that rewarding feeling that comes from making someone feel better about their hair and overall appearance, just by giving someone a refreshed look or recommending a product. I needed a space to do that for the 3 months that I could not.

From that simple yet moving experience of helping someone care for their hair, Hairfluenced was born. Hairfluenced is this beauty hub of videos and more, that inspire better beauty practices and hair care in women who are invested in caring for themselves. Pandemic or (hopefully) no pandemic, beauty matters.

Where am I now?

Well, the year before the pandemic, I met the most amazing human – my husband, Omar. Finally taking my main focus off of working into starting my life. Shortly following that, without ever having to think twice, we were engaged and married. After our wedding(s), we moved to center city of Philadelphia where I learned how to be a city girl for a whole year. Honestly, one of the best years of my life, even though I’ll always be a suburbanite at heart. So I still commuted my way back down to the PA suburbs, to my home salon, where I had my salon family, loyal clients, and grew in all of those years.

Amidst our city-living, we found out we were expecting our first baby πŸ™‚ This news gave us a reason to start the journey of buying our home. We also chose to venture back out to suburban life, where we discovered the New Jersey side of Philly. We fell in love with south Jersey, but this would make my work commute nearly impossible. So I was forced to take a leap that scared me to death. After doubting my abilities and questioning my confidence… I did it. I obtained my New Jersey cosmetology license and left my home salon in PA, transferring to an ULTA Beauty salon in NJ, near my new home. I surprised myself and kept over half of my PA following on top of building a strong new client base all over again. All while never leaving the company that has carried me through it all – ULTA.

After my maternity leave in summer of 2022, I’ve decided to retire from my professional services in the salon and I’m now a stay-at-home mom with my son Jibril, while my husband works from his at-home office. Together, we cherish this time together as a family with our cat, Eleven, and our dog, Bailey in our dream home that we bought that same year. We frequently visit my family over in PA and Omar’s family in Alexandria, Egypt once or twice a year. Meanwhile, I still pour what I can into Hairfluenced on a regular basis. Thank you for supporting and following and I can’t wait to turn this into more!