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Kristin Ess Volume Blowout Tutorial

Volume Blowout with Kristin Ess Products

Recently, I shared my review of some new Kristin Ess products that I’ve tried. Today, I’m sharing a tutorial I’ve made on how I create maximum volume with her products and some velcro rollers in my blowout.


The products I’m using in this blowout are Kristin Ess’s Thickening Spray and her Blow Dry Mist. Which I’ve reviewed on my previous post.


  • Begin with hair washed and detangled.
  • Apply Thickening Spray, concentrating at the roots and lightly working through the ends.
  • Apply Blow Dry Mist thoroughly.
  • Rough dry with blow dryer 80% or more of the way dry.
  • Begin round brushing thorough the top and set with velcro rollers.
  • When it’s all set in rollers, blow dry together on hot setting, then finish with cool shot.
  • Remove rollers and tousle.


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