Life-Changing Purchases I’ve Made Recently

Life changing purchases I've made recently - polaroid camera
Polaroid camera #6

I was so excited to make this post because not only have I been a spend-o’colic on my “treat-yourself” status lately, but I really have found some amazing, life changing items. Today I’m just here to share and provide you with easy links to hop on board my “treat-yourself” train.

Hair Caps

I found these super-cute haircuts on amazon, that I use when showering to keep my hair from getting wet. It’s perfect for preserving my blowout or day-2 curls. It comes in a pack of 2: a blush pink and a black.

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Lancôme Lash Primer

I won’t lie, I thought this was a gimmick. I always struggled with mascaras running under my eyes during long days of wear. A co-worker suggested this to me and I gave it a try. While many brands make a lash primer, I went all-in for the Lancôme because of the quality of the product. It’s formulated with serums to condition lashes and promote growth over time with use. Since using this primer, I can use the cheapest of mascaras and have good, all-day wear without black smudges under my eye. That, my friends, is life-changing.

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Barefoot Scientist Pain Relief Cream

I struggle with really sore feet & plantar fasciitis. I’ve had episodes over the years of wearing supportive insoles and even purchasing expensive, ergonomic shoes for work. At the end of the day, my feet just hurt no matter what- My toes, my soles, and arches are all very achy after a day on my feet. I found this product by chance and gave it a shot. It provides an icy-hot sensation on my feet with a really menthol scent. I like to use it after my “after-work” shower, under some socks. It provides a lot of relief!

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Speaking of being sore, I was beginning to have the tightest knots in my back. Most likely, from hunching over and working on my laptop, as I am doing while I write this right now. I would get sore knots all around my shoulder blades. A friend recommended this to me, and I tried hers for a test run. Let’s just say it hurt SO GOOD, I almost cried. This massager is easily positioned exactly where you need it and can knead really deep. Now, I use this about once per week just to keep my knots at bay and it has made such a difference.

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Micro Nano Toothbrush for Ring Cleaning

When I received my ring, my main priority was how to keep it this sparkly forever. While jewelry cleaning solutions do the trick, I wanted something easy to do almost every day, or every other. A fellow blogger shared that she filled a small dish with a few drops of dish soap and hot water, just enough to cover the ring and let it sit for a few minutes. Afterwards, using a soft-bristle toothbrush, cleaning the ring in all the hard to reach places and shining the diamond. I found these extra fine-bristle toothbrushes that I wanted to use for cleaning since they don’t pose any risk or scratching. I’ve been using mine almost daily! and since it comes in a pack of 6, I’ve already given some of the extras to my engaged friends.

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Polaroid Camera

This camera was such a hit at my engagement party. I left it out on the main table and allowed my guests to just snap photos. At the end of the night we had the cutest 90s-looking collection of pictures and while I saved some of the best ones, I even had some family take their photos home. It was such a crowd pleaser and makes for a timeless touch to memories.

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