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Mask-ne Solutions, for Mask induced breakouts

I’m late on this resolution, but late is better than never. Because we all don’t love wearing them, but amidst the Covid-19 pandemic we’re obligated to keep our faces covered when out in public. It’s been 6 months since *green phase* hit Pennsylvania and iIf you’re like me, you’re probably back to work and wearing your mask 9+ hours a day nonstop. This has given birth to the new term maskne (mask-acne), where we are all breaking out under our face coverings.

In my experienced of breaking out so bad I began enjoying wearing my mask to cover my zits. However with a little trial and error in the 6 months I’ve been wearing this full time, to balance the irritated skin, I found some proven solutions to minimize breakouts and keep the maskne at bay.

Those are exfoliation and hydration.


Usually breakouts are caused by congestion in the skin. So when our masks are covering our face all day, any dead skin or clogging particles are being held onto our face. Getting a nice exfoliation to remove that at the end of the day will help the appearance of your skin dramatically. This can be a manual exfoliant, like a scrub, or a chemical exfoliant, like AHAs or glycolic acid.

For physical exfoliation, I’ve been loving the way the Vitamin Sea face scrub feels, and chemically, I’ve been using both First Aid Beauty’s Resurfacing Liquid & The Ordinary’s Peeling Solution.


The masks absorb a lot of the moisture from our face and leave it really dry and thirsty. That dry skin can again create congestion in the mask area. Keeping it really hydrated with moisturizer and refreshing with a toner during the day helps a ton.

I’ve been having luck with E.L.F.’s Superhydrate Moisturizer because it created a nice barrier. Face oils and masks are also helpful to treat at home when you’re not wearing your masks to replenish moisture in the skin. (I love Derma E’s Face Glow Oil)

Follow my full detox routine here!

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