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My Top Postpartum Recovery Products

If you’re interested in hair growth, minimizing hair loss, improving stretch marks, and boosting lactation… you’ve come to the right place. I’m sharing with you the products I’m clinging to after childbirth.


Ergo Styling Tools ER750 Paddle Brush
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While we’ve talked about everything hair during pregnancy, my main hair focuses postpartum were to maintain thickness, minimize shedding, and promote continuous growth. I’m been trying to grow my hair ever since I cut it short, so while I’ve experimented with lots of hair growth products and practices, here’s what’s working for me right now.

I’ve been onto Kerotin‘s product line recently since I’ve discovered them. I’ve been using the Freshening Shampoo and Conditioner duo in the shower to help keep my hair loss at bay. I wash every 2 to 3 days and always use my scalp massage brush to promote circulation. Every day, before bed, I apply Kerotin’s Intense Growth Drops to my scalp thoroughly and massage that in well. These drops are to help simulate the hair follicle and encourage my hair to keep growing.

For hair health lately, I’ve been clinging to Olaplex. Especially in my color services. So for my current overall styling and appearance, I still swear by Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother. I comb two pumps through my hair and let it air dry most days, unless I’m going somewhere, then I blow dry. It seals and protects my ends to keep them hydrated, shiny, and sealed. Especially since I had a lot of highlighting done prior to my delivery.

Lastly, how you handle your hair is super important to maintain integrity and control shedding and breakage. I’ve been obsessed with Ergo Styling Tools ever since my review of their brushes. So, my main tool is my Ergo Styling Tools ERG750 Super Gentle Paddle Brush for detangling my hair both wet and dry. The bristles are soft and flexible so they are gentle on the hair and do not snag or tug, while still working out tangles. I prefer this brush even over Wet Brushes I’ve used in the past. Ergo really got it down.


Postpartum bodies aren’t even a subject I can lighten or joke about. Feeling how you do physically after childbirth is nothing to write home about. Before fighting with myself in the mirror, I made sure to stock up on some items thats can help me recover aesthetically along with internally.

I’ve been applying Bio Oil all over my body everyday after my shower, and a second time per day on my belly stretch marks. Since I delivered C section, I can’t use anything to aggressive near my incision, so I like that Bio Oil’s formula is gentle and clean.

My second battle has been cellulite, something I never had so much of until my third trimester. So I’ve been using Truly’s Anti Cellulite Resurfacing Serum on my butt, thighs, and upper arms. I like that there’s no negative sensation while using and it smells really citrusy and clean. I also try to massage this in well. I also chose this product because I wanted something that did many jobs, rather than having multiple products in my regimen that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with. Truly’s Anti Cellulite Serum also tackles stretch marks, which, let’s be honest, are everywhere now, as well as tightens the skin in that area. Disclaimer, however, I’ve notice my thighs have been very itchy since starting this products but not unbearably, so I’m continuing to give it a fair shot.


I’m always one to keep up on a good vitamin. While I shared my prenatal vitamins previously, these are my postnatal choices. I was comparing vitamins for postnatal care with that of my prenatals to make sure that all of the same individual nutrients were there. The most important items I was keeping and eye out for in the highest percentages, were folate and biotin. Folate is very important for postpartum recovery and brain development for the baby through the breastmilk, while biotin is going right towards your glowy features. Hair, skin, and nails benefit from biotin formulas, especially is paired well with other B vitamins. My winner was Kerotin’s Hair Growth Vitamins with whopping 880mcg of folate and 600mcg of biotin delivered with b1, b6, b5, and b12.

For breastfeeding moms, lactation supplements can play a part in your postnatal diet as well. I chose to take two supplements breastfeeding that I think help maintain my milk supply and the nutrient value for my baby. Firstly, after trying multiple lactation vitamins for supply support, and yes even the really expensive ones, I’ve found that my favorites were the cleanest and had the best price point. Frida Mom’s Postpartum Gummies for Lactation contain 2 ingredients: fenugreek and milk thistle. These 2 supplements alone were enough to keep my having a strong milk supple without all the extras. Sure, the vitamins with 10+ natural supplements that are meant to help with this, that, and the other are probably great, but Frida Mom was simple, affordable, and enough for me.

Outside of vitamins I tried a few things from the brand Pink Stork, who made a tea that really helped alleviate my prenatal morning sickness. The first item was their Total Lactation Probiotic which I decided to try after seeing how gassy my baby was all the time. I hoped that adjusting my diet and including some good probiotics that he would benefit in the digestive aid. I liked that these were particularly targeted for breastfeeding moms and not just a general probiotic, since I’m very cautious about taking literally anything while nursing.

The other Pink Stork items I tried were teas. Firstly, Pink Stork makes a Lactation tea as well which I enjoyed in the first week to really establish my milk supply – I was warned that the hospital will make you panic about your supply when the babies weight drops, and I told myself I’d be prepared, but no, I still panicked too. So note: your milk DOES come in just fine after 3-4 days and your baby’s feeding will regulate the amount you need naturally. Don’t do what I did.

Secondly, I was drinking Labor Prep tea which, even though I wasn’t prepping for labor, helped to contract your uterus back to its normal size and alleviate discomfort and cramping. This tea was by far the most delicious. Lastly, their Postpartum Recovery tea was great for mood support during my 3-6 weeks postpartum when the blues began to kick in.

I hope this helped anyone either pregnancy or entering their postpartum journey. If there’s anything I learned during this pregnancy, it’s that you definitely need support. Don’t be afraid to ask around for advice where needed, but always remember that no 2 pregnancies are alike. I was told I would be “just like my mother,” and the truth is, my mom, sister, and I all had completely different experiences. We just supported each other through it. Please leave comments if you have ANY questions, and I’d be happy to give my input. Best of luck ❤️

And for all my non-pregnant readers, all of these products with the exception of the lactation support, are great for everyday use as well! Especially the hair and body!

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Ergo Styling Tools ER750 Paddle Brush
Use code HAIRFLUENCED at and for 10-15% off your purchase

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