New Skincare Finds

I love trying new products. So every few months when my stash gets low, I accumulate a few new things to my skincare routine. Here I’ll be going through my recent finds and sharing what I’ve been loving and why.


I purchased the Vital Vita 12 Brightening Ampoule about a year ago now and have continued to use it semi-regularly. This product is a liquid to be pressed into the skin after cleansing. It’s formulated with 12 different vitamins for a multi-blend brightening result. I noticed overtime that it improves texture and lightens dark spots!

This ampoule runs for $20.00

The Ordinary

My first Ordinary find is the Peeling Solution. I found my way to this after withdrawling from a more expensive product that I loved. I was really pleased with the results from the solution. This mask kept me from accumulating breakouts and acne, especially from mask-wear. It also combats aging and uneven skin tone.

I recommend a patch test on the inside of your arm prior to using this product because it is more aggressive and not for sensitive skin. You apply it to your clean, dry face and leave on for 10 minutes, before rinsing with warm water. You can see me use it in my skin detox routine!

As I affiliate with Amazon, I have linked this product to ULTA because of the significant difference in price. I’m only trying to support my readers πŸ™‚

The second product I’m loving from The Ordinary is the Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone. This product is brightening and improves texture without the use of water in the formula. The silicone entraps the asorbic acid (vitamin C) to penetrate into the skin better. However, I don’t recommend for use on dry or sensitive skin as it will sting slightly.


If you follow me on instagram, you’ll se I’ve shared this brand on my stories a lot lately. The first product I want to share is the Sea Kale & Hyaluronic Acid Complex Rejuvenating Skin Serum. This serum is formulated to tighten and calm stressed skin. It grabbed my attention with those keywords as I was struggling from long hours of mask-wear, so I use this product every night before bed. It is very hydrating, controls redness, and works great as a buffer for facial massage.

The second find from VSB that I’m loving is my Sea Lavender Chamomile Overnight Hydration Sleep Mask. I also use this almost every night in my evening skincare routine. This mask works while you sleep so you can wake up with results. It moisturizes, firms, smooths wrinkles, and calms tired/stressed skin.

The last VSB product I’m crazy about right now is the Night Concentrate Serum with sea lavender and jojoba. I use this frequently before bed, because overnight it helps to plump complexion and regenerate cells. It also works as a great buffer for lymphatic drainage massage.

Fourth Ray Beauty

Fourth Ray is the newest discovery of mine and I’ve been using it for almost 3 weeks now. I purchased these products in my Ulta haul, but didn’t show them in the video because they were mostly replenishing items I ran out of and I didn’t know how I would feel just yet. I try to stay true to my opinions and only share what I truly would recommend. It turns out I really liked these products.

First was the BFD Cleansing Oil. This product is non-clogging, smells beautiful, and amazing for removing makeup before cleansing. It’s formulated with nutrient-rich camellia, juniper berry, and meadowfoam seed oils to purify without stripping the skins natural moisture.

To use, apply directly to dry face and massage, add water to cleanse and rinse. Follow with full skincare routine.

The second and last product I’m loving, from Fourth Ray is The Daily Face Cream. I had run out of the one I was using and while I needed both this and the cleansing oil, I struck a deal. At first I noticed this product was heavy and a bit greasy feeling so I was nervous, but pleasantly surprised. It did NOT break me out, and really hydrated my dry skin. I use this product regularly in the morning and I feel it creates a nice barrier for my mask and makeup. The only crowd I probably wouldn’t recommend to is oily skin!

Let me know what you guys think of these products in the comments or if you have any different opinions or recommendations.

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