Our Engagement Story

January 30th, 2021

The Beginning

Omar and I met in late September of 2019. We spent our first date at Rittenhouse Square in Center City Philadelphia, sharing some Starbucks and having lots of conversation. We walked around that park for hours and hours as time simply flew by. It was all over from there, I knew he was it. We had the undeniable connection, chemistry, and spark. I never thought I was the kind of person capable of finding that type of fairytale romance, but that’s what made it so beautiful.

We spent our first year on fast forward as we were quarantined together during the pandemic. It was so fun and easy for us. We had routines together, cooked, watched trash TV, and celebrated Ramadan. All our friends told us that if we made it through this as easily as it was going, we were truly meant to be. And while we already knew it, this just solidified it.

The Ring

At the end of the summer of 2020, we began discussing marriage which eventually turned into rings. We spent some time doing research together and discovering what I liked and didn’t like. This was so much fun for me and I highly recommend it to any couple if you can. I was able to try on rings and give specifications of what I wanted, while leaving him the final decision to purchase himself.

The Proposal

I knew we were going to dinner on Saturday evening to celebrate my birthday. We ate at Parc which was right next to Rittenhouse Square. I won’t lie, this made me very suspicious at first. We enjoyed our dinner, he gave me my birthday gift (a very cute bracelet with our initials), and it felt very romantic. He was beginning to seem very nervous again, to which I thought maybe after dinner, but still no.

After dinner, he wanted to get tea for our walk home. This really started to lower my suspicions as I couldn’t picture a way he would go about this if it wasn’t at Rittenhouse. We walked to a coffee shop on the next corner of the park that was closed (and he already knew that). From there he said, “okay let’s go to the Metropolitan.” Of course I agree, because I have no idea what the Metropolitan is, where it is, or that it was a bakery that was closed by 4pm! So we turned and began to walk through the park to go to the “Metropolitan.”

As soon as we made our way into the park, I began to think it just wasn’t happening today, and started putting on my gloves. He later made fun go me for this because of all times to be suspicious, this made the most sense, but I wasn’t. I put on my right glove and was getting ready to put on my left, when stopped me. He said “No don’t… it’s happening.” I was stunned for a moment, and honestly thought he was joking, since he always teased me so much to keep me on my toes! But he wasn’t this time. I never notice that he intentionally detoured me so that we would walk through the park from a specific angle to where a positioned photographer captured every moment!

I was stunned when he got down on one knee. You may think you’re ready for it, but truthfully you can’t prepare yourself. Its simple SO romantic and my heart almost burst. Then he displayed the most beautiful ring, with all the specifications I asked for and more. I am still blow away every day seeing this on my finger, but that moment of seeing it as Omar opened the box simply took my breath away. It glistened back at me from all the lights strung around the park.

The Engagement Photos

After I finally caught my breath, Omar revealed the photographer to me. She was the kindest & brought her husband along. They took us all around the park, and down to Addison Street to capture the cutest pictures of us. Here are just a few:

I’m so grateful for this man. Many of you don’t know about my life path leading to him, but it was a very long and exhausting road to where I came out deciding I was content being on my own. I was finally loving who I was and where I was in my life, and so focused on me. Then, there he was. The exact moment of how I felt when he walked into my life can be felt through the song: “What Have I Done” by Dermot Kennedy. Dermot is an artist Omar introduced me to, who now sings all of our songs, and serenades our Happily Every After.


I never thought I needed saving, I was right where I should be. Good God, I know it’s dangerous, But it’s you that I need. I’m in love this time.

-Dermot Kennedy

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