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Pregnancy Hair Growth, Hair Loss, and Hair Care Explained

What amazing news, to find out you’re growing another little human. I still remember the 2 minutes frozen in time, staring at the “Yes” on the stick I just peed on. There’s probably so much you have to think about for the next 9 months… and 18 years, but I’ll help you check one thing off your list. Your hair.

How Your Hair Changes During Pregnancy

Hormones surge through your body, changing almost everything about you that feels normal. The first thing I noticed, that I haven’t heard from many others in feedback, is that my hair felt like it was hardly growing, but it was getting thicker. The density of my hair felt like it was increasing in those first 4 months of carrying my son.

After the first 4 months, the growth spurt came (finally!). I won’t lie, I was praying to reach this stages soon. Between the hormone changes and the increase of vitamins in your system, your hair is thicker, shinier, and grows much faster. This contributes to the “pregnancy glow” you’ll get complimented on after 5 months on.

After delivery, brace yourself. After those first 3 months postpartum, all that lovely hair you accumulated throughout your pregnancy will try to catch up to it’s normal cycle, and shed excessively. For some, this can create really thin looking hair for a short while. But rest assured, it is NORMAL. It’s just a matter of trucking through until your hair follicles and hormones balance out to your normal density and allow all that new growth that will suddenly spurt to grow and catch up to the full length. In the next section, I’ll address how to handle the hair during these phases.

What To Do With Your Pregnancy Hair

Early Pregnancy Hair

End of Pregnancy Hair

  • Continue with your prenatal vitamins
  • At this stage, I personally switched to Redken’s Extreme Lengths haircare line (linked below).

Postpartum Hair

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