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What is Redken’s Acidic Bonding Concentrate?

redken's acidic bonding concentrate

Ever since Redken announced its Acidic Bonding Concentrate, clients and friends alike have been bombarding me with questions on it and asking if this is good for them. So today I am here with a full rundown on these products and my review on how well they work.

I could not publish this content immediately as I needed a few weeks to assess the products myself with repeated use. I’ve calculated this information from professional insight, product research, and usage on vasious hair types, including my own.

What does Acidic Bonding Concentrate do?

“Acidic” is a great keyword in the hair-world for damaged and overprocessed hair. This is because (get ready for science class) high pH or “alkaline” solutions such as bleach and chemicals open our hair cuticle. Damage is sometimes displayed in the hair by a blown open cuticle. Therefore “acidic” or low pH solutions such as this Acidic Bonding Concentrate or Apple Cider Vinegar rinses, Olaplex, or Shades EQ Gloss (professional only), work to reverse that open cuticle, and close it. A sealed cuticle makes the hair shiny and manageable with minimal frizz.

Acidic Bonding Concentrate utilized citric acids (a form of AHA) to balance the pH of hair. For my science people: ABC is a pH of 7, which brings the pH of our hair way down to between a 4.5 and 5.5, which is ideal. The benefits of this brought by the Acidic Bonding Concentrate is less visible split ends, smoother and softer hair, and reinforced weak bonds for long-term repairing.

My Review and Conclusion

I’ve tested the shampoo, conditioner, and leave in on a pool of clients and myself over the last several weeks to collect this opinion. On first take, the fragrance of this products is absolutely dreamy. It smells very citric and summery. Immediately after useage of the products on damp hair, the hair detangles very easily and is super manageable.

Upon drying, on even the most overprocessed hair, I have found that the hair appears to be significantly healthier LOOKING. Not to be confused with actually repaired because it would take repeated use of at least a month or two to begin seeing repaired results. However, the acids in these products seal the hair’s cuticle well enough to visibly reduce the signs of damage. This is an amazing breakthrough for over-processed blondes.

In researching this brand and finding general reviews, the Acidic Bonding Concentrate system works on ALL Hair types to add shine and manageability while reducing the appearance of frizz and split ends.

The Leave-in Conditioner also provides heat protection for up to 450 degrees.

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