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Reduce Breakage by Using THIS Bun…

I shared a comical meme on Instagram that pictured several heads of hair in messy buns, and the caption read “I don’t know why my hair is so damaged.” Following that, a bunch of you were shocked that these chaotic messy buns are quite damaging. All that effort into avoiding heat and chemicals, and this is doing you no favors. The tightness of the elastic and uncontrolled wrapping of your hair causes breakage and split ends over time.

But I have your solution. Try this bun I’ve demonstrated in this video! It will secure the hair more neatly, and make sure to use a soft elastic like a scrunchie! You can do this in a low bun like I have, or in a high bun on top of your head. Just follow the twist and wrap technique!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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