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Routine Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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You guys know I’ve been on an anti-hair loss and anti-thinning kick lately since my postpartum recovery. As mentioned previously, postpartum’s extreme hormone surges take a toll on many parts of the body, especially the hair.

For that reason, I was really excited to try Routine Wellness Haircare. They are specifically formulated with DHT fighting ingredients like pea peptides, saw palmetto, and apple fruit extract to combat thinning hair. DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is an androgen – a sex hormone that contributes to certain masculine features, such as body hair. Therefore, it has been known to cause early hair loss in both men and women. So Routine Wellness’s Shampoo and Conditioner kept this in mind when scientifically formulating their brand to end bad hair days by strengthening hair and reducing breakage.

Not only was I excited to try this because of the DHT blockers, but other exciting ingredients include Biotin, to help increase elasticity and strength, argan oil for moisture and breakage, coconut oil for fatty acids and antioxidants, niacinimide, nettle oil, and caffeine that target scalp health, which is very important to the hair’s health. Routine is also safe to use on color-treated and gray hair.

Initial Review

Routine Wellness sells their shampoo and conditioner with the option of four fragrances: cucumber and rose hips, avocado and basil, and unscented. I was interested in trying the cucumber fragrance, since I love my post-shower hair to smell refreshing. No regrets as this is by far my favorite scented shampoo I’ve ever used. I realize it’s a bold thing to say, but no shampoo I tried smelled so refreshing since I was about 8 years old using the Loreal for Kids in the fish bottles.

After using my shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks, my hair feels really soft and clean after each use. I’ve noticed additional shine and luster as well. Recently, we moved into a house with a pool so my hair has been exposed to more chlorine than it’s used to lately, which always makes my hair feel crispy. Since this means I have to clarify it more often, I love that routine is there for maintenance in my shower to keep its integrity and subtleness. While I’m already halfway through my bottles, I’m already planning my next purchase just to keep me through the season. You know I love supporting companies whos haircare I really value. Each shampoo and conditioner individually retails for $29.99, but purchasing them bundled together gets you a ticket of only $49.99 and they offer a generous 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason. Routine is only available online at and in select salons.

Overall, nearly 1 million have tried Routine since its launch in 2021 and it maintains a 4.7 star review. Users claim New hair growth on the nape of neck and upper forehead hairline, increased manageability, shine and luster, and softness with out being weighed down with use after about 5 weeks. I have generally loved my experience with Routine from fragrance and feel to efficacy. Link here to try!

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