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Say NO To Winter Crusties – Items You NEED for Winter Dryness

products that defend against winter dryness

I recently shared a post on hair masks necessary for the winter season, since many factors are contributing to dryness: household heat, extra hot showers, etc. However, the dryness is real indeed, and extends far beyond hair.

Do you know what I mean by winter crusties? You’re blessed if you don’t, but chances are you do. When your knuckles are cracking from washing dishes, your feet are growing more callouses, and your body itches for no reason and looks like sandpaper if you claw at it scratching. Did I mention cracking lips too? The worst.

So since I battle dryness to begin with, along with eczema, I’m sharing some of my winter must-haves that make the world of a difference this time of year.

Dry Air

Results in all of the above: dry skin, hair, lips, face, throat, sinus, etc.

When I moved into my house in December of 2019, I noticed after a month that I felt like I was crumbling away and my throat was extra scratchy. I woke up with nose bleeds 2-3 days per week. Come to find out, my air in my house was very dry, and the solution: a humidifier.

Within 2 nights of sleeping with my humidifier, I had no more nose bleeds and my throat felt better in the morning than it had. My skin retained a lot more moisture and my hands were less cracked. Other factors contributed as well, which I’m getting to in a moment, but most importantly, humidifiers are imperative.

I bought my Vicks humidifier from amazon for about $40 – linked – and you can add Vicks vapor for an additional flare if you’re into it or feeling a bit congested. I haven’t tried that feature, but I live by this thing.

Dry Lips

I’ve learned that not everyone is aware of lip exfoliating and this hurts me. Exfoliating your lips is as easy and giving a circlular motion with your toothbrush when brushing teeth, or wetting a paper towel and giving them a little scrub. It’s not that advanced.

However, for a better scrub, there’s better options. I’m a fan of E.L.F.’s lip scrub that comes in a lipstick tube so it’s super easy to apply and doubles as a moisturizer. I only switched from this to a silicone exfoliator because its better exfoliation, and I prefer a different moisturizer which I’m getting to in a second. My silicone exfoliator is so easy… just wet, exfoliate, rinse.

Now for hydration after your exfoliation I have a number one favorite that’s been in the number one spot for years, and you most likely have tried it: Burt’s Bees Original lip balm. The beeswax blend lip balm always does the job for my. It keeps lips moisturized and protected. (similar to Aquaphor in my opinion, but I personal do not like any Aquaphor products. They make me chap terribly.)

Dry Skin

As I mentioned, I suffer with bad eczema. Particularly bad on my hands. Therefore proper hand care and skin hydration are big parts of my routine year round. In the winter, it calls for more heavy duty products to get the job done and keep my skin protected.

For my hands, I use O’Keefe’s Working Hands Night Treatment. This is packed with a blend of hydrated oils that work to rebuild your moisture barriers as you sleep. It’s made a significant difference in the appearance of my hands since I’ve began using it a few months ago. I pair this with Working Hands Protective Hand cream during the day while working to keep my hands from cracking.

My body doesn’t need as concentrated of a repairative formula, but I like a good body moisturizer that protects. I’ve found, in the many that I have tried, that O’Keeffe’s Skin Repair body lotion does it best. It is a lightly scented formula with 48 hour protection, even through showering! I’ve noticed a big difference with O’Keefe’s products and when it comes to body and hands, I wouldn’t be calling on it specifically if it wasn’t top notch for me.

Lastly face- Of course like the rest of the body the face needs additional treatment to. My product of choice that I’ve fallen in love with is Vitamin Sea Beauty’s Lavender & Chamomile Overnight Hydration Sleep Face Mask. I apply a thick coat of this before bed, let it dry into my skin for 2 minutes, and hit the hay. It works while you sleep. This product moisturizes, smoothes wrinkles, refreshes tires skin, firms and brightens!

I hope this helps tremendously in your winter dryness. Make sure to tag me if you try any products! Any links from this website greatly help out my blog. Leave comments for any personalized recommendations!

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