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Using a Shampoo Massage Brush Will Change Your Life

The first time I saw one of these, was a a Coco & Eve advertisement on Instagram. It looked nice but I had no idea the benefits of using a shampoo massage brush. Until one day, I strolled through TJ Maxx and bought one as an impulse buy for $5.99. Since that day, I’ve looked forward to my shampoo days week by week.

A shampoo massage brush is made of silicone extensions that massage your scalp as you shampoo. It helps to better lather your shampoo, increase circulation at the scalp, and exfoliate off dead skin. In later doing more research, I found that in massaging the scalp, the shampoo massage brush stretches cells of the hair follicle, to in turn product thicker and faster growing hair.

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To Use A Shampoo Massage Brush:

Apple your shampoo to wet hair as normal and lather. Before rinsing, use your shampoo massage brush in small circular motions along your scalp to further the lather and scrub your scalp.

I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy the shampoo scalp massager as much as I did. Leave some feedback!

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