Supporting Small Businesses – My Favorite Gift Finds on Etsy

This Christmas has been a little different than usual for a lot of reasons, and a big one for me was my budget. I have 4 siblings, 4 nieces, 2 nephews, 2 parents, 1 grandparent, 2 pets, and a significant other. It adds up quickly even on a low budget so I tried to think of some out of the box ideas. Thankfully Etsy makes it really easy to search that.

For my siblings

My siblings and I agreed on a non-exchange this year so we could all save money and buy for the kids. But I’m a rule breaker, I don’t know wht to tell ya. I justified this gift in that it’s the same for all of us, including myself, and it was just a small gesture. We had a rollercoaster of a year as a family and it has made us a lot closer. So the sentiment of this gift made it feel appropriate.

I had these puzzle-peice keychains made from Topsail Winds. There’s one for each of us that read: Big Sis- for my sister Desiree, the oldest; Lil Sis – for me, the youndest girl; Big Bro – for my oldest brother Johnny; Mid Bro – for the best middle-child brother, C.J.; and Lil Bro – for our baby brother, Chase. The cute part about these keychains is that they all connect together like a puzzle. This is a cute metaphor for how when we’re all apart, we still play our roles as siblings, and when we’re together we’re whole. I absolutely loved the idea.

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For my boyfriend

I had a hard time with Omar’s gift this year. Both of us spent way too much time at home, that we kept buying everything for ourselves to keep our spirits up. So when it came to Christmas, i tried to think of cutsie things.

I will tell you, in the 3 months he lived here full time, my dog, Bailey, became obsessed with him. Even still, if I say “where’s Daddy?” she starts to loose her marbles. So, I found this SUPER CUTE (I wanted one too) Mug with a white cavachon (baikey’s breed) on it and a place to customize, where I put “I Love You Daddy.” So everytime he has his tea, he’s reminded of how much Tinky loves him! CustomGiftsEtc did well with this!

I wanted to share since I loved what I got from these shops this year. We support small business when we shop on Etsy and I love that.

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