Thanksgiving Weekend & Peddlers Village

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? During these uncertain times, I hope they were limited in crowd. However mine was about usual since Thanksgiving is usually small for me every year. My older siblings spend Thanksgiving with their in-laws (they’re both married) and my parent’s would usually host my grandparents (dads side) every year. These last two years have been different since they’ve moved down to Florida in 2019.

Last Thanksgiving, Omar and I skipped out and danced around in Center City Philly at the annual parade. It was my first time ever there and it was a lot of fun! And since this year that wasn’t an option, we spent it with my parents and two younger brothers (and of course the beautiful baby niece, Hayden).

To avoid it getting too crowded. since my parent’s house is always subject to extra company, I hosted this year. There were 7 of us in total so we followed covid guidlines. I had a lot of fun preparing mashed potatoes and honey glazed carrots for the occcasion. And thank God my mom made the turkey so I didn’t have to (haha!).

This is the recipe I used for my honey glazed carrots, they came out amazing in my crock pot. And my Mashed potatoes, I followed my mom’s traditional steps, but I have to say I wish I added more garlic and maybe some fresh parsley. I’ll update next year.

My favorite holiday beverage every fall/Thanksgiving season is local Apple Cider. It’s so delicious! There’s nothing quite like it. I later had some that weekend hot! but I’ll get into that in a minute.

I loved decorating for fall/Thanksgiving this year, as the natural oranges pair well with my normal living room décor. I have plenty more pictures of that here.

Post Turkey

The Saturday following Thanksgiving, because obviously Friday was spent shopping (did you catch my deal guide?), we explored Peddler’s Village in New Hope, PA. It’s a well known little sight during the winter season with cute little shops and eats. This is where I had some hot apple cider and I could’ve died it was so good hot! Much better than cold, and I thought I loved it cold, so that’s saying something. Omar had a tasty hot chocolate, and we perused through the shops at Christmassy décor. They had fun music playing throughout the village and photogenic scenery with light-strung trees and towny-peak roofs.

Have you ever been to Peddler’s Village? What are your thoughts?

Can you recommend any other Christmassy-things to do around Philadelphia for us this month? Drop suggestions in the comments!

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