A Tour of My Home Studio

Moving out of this beautiful house has made me extra sentimental. In the meantime, while I look forward to having a better dwelling in the future with my family, I’d love to share with you all my studio room from my old house. This is where Hairfluenced was officially born after a few bad attempts at blogging before. In this house, I had more bedrooms than I needed for just myself. My third floor held a second master-size bedroom that started out as extra storage for miscellaneous items. When I finally got organized around, I moved my giant salon station from my parent’s basement to this extra room on my third floor and voila, my beauty studio.

In here I shot my Youtube videos, did my makeup and hair, and practiced new styling techniques on mannequin heads. Our cat, Eleven, also liked her own space away from the dog, so I shared the room with her.

I tried to keep a vintage NYC feel in the design of the room with the black and white Audrey Hepburn picture that I’ve had for ages. Omar bought me the lovely black futon in the corner for a cute sitting area. If I had the guts to attempt to paint the salon station without ruining it, I would’ve tried to make it black too. I love the way the black accentuates this room. I have my wax pot and nail tools organized in organizers on a cute foyer table my sister gave me that was still a light wood, and I never found the chance to black spray/ DIY it black myself.

What do you guys think? Anyone else have a beauty room in their home?

Read more about my organizing methods here.

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