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ULTA Haul – Unboxing Recent ULTA Finds

Oops… My fiance would kill me for going on another shopping spree, but here we are. It called investing in myself & my YouTube Channel for good content. If you’re a frequent ULTA shopper, you’re aware of two (of their many) awesome perks: point system and free gifts. With this combination, I checked out my online cart with theses awesome ULTA finds.

The Ordinary.

I’ve been mentioning on my Instagram stories lately how I’ve been living the products from this line that I’ve discovered. From those stories, readers gave me even more recommendations on the brands products. Here are my Ulta Finds from the Ordinary:

Caffeine Solution

This Ulta find was referred to me as a brand favorite to depuff the under-eyes!

Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil

Face oils have become a new popular skincare item that for a while people weren’t sure about, because: Why would you put oil on your face. But these lightweight hydrating oils replenish the skins barrier and sink deep into the skin for deeper moisturization.

“The Buffet” Copper Peptides

Since my days of skin abuse from being a sun worshipper and living in the tanning salon, I’m now trying to take anti-aging precautions in my later years. Anything to increase skin elasticity, improve texture, and fight fine lines and wrinkles. I wanted to try this base serum from the Ordinary as my latest Ulta Find to combat all of the above.

Multi Peptide Serum for Hair Density

I overheard someone at work once say “I’d never trust anything by the Ordinary on my hair,” referencing this product. So… we’ll see. I’ll be the guinea pig with this Ulta find and report back asap!

Ulta Beauty

I have to give Ulta Beauty so much credit for having a store-line of all kinds of beauty products that works fabulously.

Bronzer Brush

I use a lot of Morphe brushes that I’ve collected over the past few years, but since I have a new bronzer in my latest Ulta finds (continue reading), I wanted a newer, more fluffy brush for application. Also, not to mention that Ulta’s brand is so affordable!


While I’m not the greatest makeup guru on the block, I like to find decent and affordable items to meet my needs. I almost always fall in the “light neutral” color match so I went with this shade for the Ulta Beauty liquid concealer and it seems to be a good match to the eye. This concealer also claims to be full coverage and waterproof, so I can’t wait to try.

Tanning Mitt

While I have an Ulta Beauty sunless tanner that has been working for me lately, my hands have become very orange and streaky from my applications. Finally, I purchased a mitt to protect my hands and have a more even tan overall.

Tanning Face Drops

While I’ve been dousing myself in sunless tanner and good skincare these days, I didn’t want to pass up on my good facial routines in place of sunless tanner, or cause reactions in my face from product (which body-tanners can do to my face at times). I wanted to try these drops that you add to your regular moisturizer to gradually build your face glow. I’ve heard great reviews from brands such as Tan Luxe and Tanologist, so I wanted to let Ulta show me what they got first.

Free Gift

Pink makeup bag, Makeup Wipes, Brow Gel, Face Primer, Eye Liner – Ulta Beauty Brand


Bronzer – Yacht Life

This Ulta find was on sale and a brand that I’ve never tried before. It had three bronzer shades to choose from and I went with the middle “yacht life.” I plan to try it out with my new bronzer brush and self tanner for my working summer glow.

Tree Hut

Vitamin C Scrub

With the millions of scrubs to choose from, and half by Tree Hut alone, this Vitamin C scrub caught my attention because of its additional ingredients. While I’ve been exfoliating to have better tanning results from my bronzers, I also wanted to try this because of the Vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy Acids that help tighten, brighten, and exfoliate better for your whole body. Not to mention it smells amazing.


I was specifically looking for some face masks in my Ulta finds to use for my relaxing treatments or bath times. Something that provided good skin benefit and targeted my unique needs. From the many options, I prefer Origins because of their clean formulation in their products and my great experiences with their line in the past.

Hello Calm Mask

To help calm skin and reduce inflammation.

Original Skin Mask

To help with uneven skin texture.

Free Gift

My Origins purchase turned me out a free gift of their Ginseng Eye Cream, Original Skin Mask, Original Skin Serum, Sheer Lip Color, and Checks and Balances Face Wash.

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(FTC Disclosure: While all opinions are 100% my own, some products links may contain affiliation to which I earn a small commission when used. Always grateful for your support.)

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