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What I Pack In My Overnight Bag To Stay At My Boyfriend’s

At the time I began writing this, he was my boyfriend. In case you missed the news, he’s now my fiancé.

What to pack when staying at my boyfriends

However, today’s topic, in lieu of Valentines Day *wink* is what I always carry with me to stay at my boyfriends. While I keep most backup essentials there (ie. a toothbrush, body wash, a loofah, and an extra deodorant), some of my getting-ready items I take back and forth with me. I stay over most Friday nights after work, and we spend Saturdays together in the city, so I have a few on-hand necessities in my bag.

These are what I pack in my overnight bag to stay at my boyfriend’s (fiancé’s).

What I Pack In My Overnight Bag To Stay At My Boyfriend’s

Dry Shampoo

Usually after spending the night, we’ll have plans to go out the next day. Day 2 (or 3) hair can have it’s better and worse days. I’m always prepared for the worst. Dry shampoo becomes a lifesaver on days where my hair is slicked down to my head. My favorite that I’ve been using lately is Ouai Dry Shampoo. It smells super fragrant too which is great for a morning refresh.

Mini Flat Iron

I have a boatload of hair tools at home, in case that wasn’t obvious enough from my Youtube Channel. One of my handiest items for travel or sleeping out is my mini Chi Titanium flat iron. I can use it to easy straighten and smooth my hair, or make flat iron waves the next day.

Tinted Moisturizer

Another morning challenge for me can be an uneven or washed out complexion. While I’m not a very big makeup-wearer, I like having a tinted moisturizer with me to add glow and mild coverage. Currently I’m using ColorPop’s Pretty Fresh hyaluronic acid tinted moisturizer in 8N. It’s extra hydrating, which I need in the city with the hard water being extra drying on my skin.

Tinted Lip Balm

I wear tinted lip balm 24/7, so its a no brainer that I need it with me when spending the night out. Similar to my skin complexion, my lips always look very pale and dry. My favorite tinted lip balm is Burt’s Bees in Rose.


Scrunchies are a necessity anywhere if you ask me. But in this case I use mine for a few things: sleeping, to keep you hair from being laid on while cuddling on the couch, or protecting your hair from getting wet in the shower. Not to mention, if I’m having a bad hair day beyond my dry shampoo and flat iron, and need a backup style plan. A scrunchy definitely helps.

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